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About Us
Wilshire Software Technologies established in Oct 1997 by Mr. M.V Madhu and recognized as a leader in training & development of Administrative Courses to empower IT Professionals. We are offering SUN-Solaris, Linux Administration, Oracle 12c DBA, Oracle 11g RAC, VMware Administration and Cloud Computing Administration. We are committed to provide high quality service with elevated level of students satisfaction. Wilshire has just the right mix of technical skills and experience to provide real time knowledge to students. For this we are facilitating high end infrastructure while training & developmentOur success, especially in the world of intense competition is because of our continuous hard work, dedication, and passion. We are passionate about what we do and we are driven to excel in every aspect of our business.Thousands of technical professionals from around the world have come to Wilshire for the highest-quality IT training & development. Virtually every major technology-oriented organization has relied on Wilshire to provide..more
Our Services
Public Training : Once a student enters Wilshire, he starts off on a journey which includes exhaustive career counseling. Here he/she is suggested a pathway and confidence is instilled in him/her to take up courses he/she is interested in..more
Corporate Training : A balance is maintained among the diverse group of participants and one-to-one interaction is ensured by limiting number of participants per batch. The methodology adopted for corporate training & development..more
Consultancy Services : Wilshire enjoys unique distinction in offering consultancy services on OS/Database support and other Administration areas troubleshooting for major IT corporate and public sector..more
Placements : Wilshire's reputation in the training & development industry often resulted in requests from organizations to forward candidates with strong skills in IT. Wilshire decided to provide a platform where skilled candidates and reputed organizations meet..more
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