Upcoming Batches Of Basics Oracle & Unix

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CourseStart DateEnd DateDurationTimingsMode of TrainingFee 
Basic Unix25-Sep-201704-Oct-20171Week3:30 PMNormal Track1500 Enroll
Basic Oracle Sql25-Sep-201704-Oct-20171Week2:00 PMNormal Track1500 Enroll

Basic Oracle Course Content

  • Introduction on Oracle SQL
  • Introduction to DBMS/RDBMS
  • Basic Select Statement, usage of where clause and operators
  • Functions – Single Row
  • Functions - Multiple Row
  • Joins
  • Sub Quires
  • DDL (Data Definition Language
  • DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  • DCL (Data Control Language)
  • TCL (Transaction Control Language)
  • Constraints

Basic Unix Course Content

  • Introduction on Basic Unix
  • Versions, Features. File Systems
  • Logging In, Password
  • Creating Files and Dir. Removing files and dir
  • Additional commands
  • File access permissions
  • Editors
  • Searching files
  • communications tools
  • Advance filters (grep, sed, awk)
  • Linking files
  • Shell Programming

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Lab Environment

  • Lab equipped with best Infrastructure to Practice
  • Instructors are always there to help Students for any doubt
  • Best Oracle DBA Institute with Best Infrastructure