Upcoming Batches Of Apache Cassandra Administration

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CourseStart DateEnd DateDurationTimingsMode of TrainingFee 
Cassandra DBA22-Jan-201810-Feb-20183 Weeks10:00 AMNormal Track10000 Enroll

Course Content

  • Introduction of Cassandra ( a NoSQL Database )
  • it's Advantages, CAP Theorem
  • Differences between SQL and NoSQL
  • Cassandra Basic Architecture - Key Structures & Components, Internode Communication ( gossip )
  • Cassandra Advanced Architecture - 1 - Partitioners, Partition key, Indexes
  • Cassandra Advanced Architecture - 2 - Data Distribution, Replication & Snitches
  • Cassandra Data Modeling, Cassandra Data Writes
  • Read, Update and Delete data from Nodes
  • Data Consistency - 1 - Different Consistency Levels
  • Data Consistency - 2 - Node Repair, Compaction Strategies ( Size Tiered, Level & Time Window )
  • Installation, Configuration and Monitoring of Cassandra in Windows O/S & Linux
  • Create, Alter and Drop Keysapces, Describing and Using Keyspaces
  • Create, Alter & Drop Tables / Column families and Creating Super column
  • CQL, Select & DML operations on Tables / Column families & Creating a Sample Application
  • Cassandra.yaml file, Cassandra-env.sh file, Cassandra Tools ( Node, Stress, SStable Utilities )
  • Building Cassandra Cluster with 2 or more nodes
  • Cluster Management - Adding and Removing Nodes in existing Cluster
  • Cluster Sizing ( Capacity planning as per no. of nodes and Data Replication )
  • Monitoring Cassandra Cluster using Datastax OPS Center, Datastax Dev Center

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  • Instructors are always there to help Students for any doubt
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