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Course Content

  • Introduction on MongoDB
  • Prerequisits, Differences between Sql and Nosql DB's
  • Key Structures, Key components and its working.
  • Mongodb Installation on Windows and Logging.
  • SQL, Complex Transactions, Json, Bson And their Syntax's
  • Basic Schema, Dynamic Schema and it's Advantages.
  • Mongo shell, Shell queries and sorting operation, Cursor introduction and scripting./span>
  • Introduction to CURD and CAP Therom, Insert, update, save() cmd, wire protocol, bulk().
  • Partial updates, Documents limits, Removing Documents, Multi updates.
  • DB.run, DB.isMaster(), server status, dbcurrentto() & db.killop(), collection.stats() & collection.drop, collection scan.
  • create index(), get index & drop index(), index notes, unique index, spares indexes, ttl indexes, Geospatial indexes, text index and backgroup indexes.
  • Replication Overview, Asynchronous replcation, Statement based Vs Binary Replication, Replication concepts, Automatic failover and Recovery.
  • Initiating a replica, replica set status, commands, reading writing & failover, Read performance.
  • Reconfiguring Replica set, arbiters, Priority, hidden, voting options, slave delay.
  • Examing the W parameter ,Write concern use cases & patterns, Rexaming the page view counter pattern.
  • Replica set in single and multi data center, Replica set storege engine.
  • Introduction on performance, storage engine, wired tiger and explain plan.
  • Installing Mongodb on unix flavours, creating cluster, cluster topologies, running cluster.
  • Introduction to Sharding & data distribution, Sharding Process, Configure database initila sharding.
  • Enable Sharding for collections, Working with sharding Cluster, Cardinality and monotonic shard keys, Shardkey selection example.
  • Overview of security, security continued authentication & authorization, ssl and keyfiles, inter cluster security.
  • Overview of Backup & mongodump, filesystem snap shorting, Backing up shared cluster and statigies.
  • Additional Features of mongodb, gridfs,hardware tips, Additional Resources, Futher tips and best Practices and Senieros.

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